A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

For one night a year, a spirit descends to the town. Six masked volunteers shall enter the temple to participate in this secret ritual, and one shall become the Spirit’s vessel. Each volunteer has a desire to seek out the Spirit and reveal themself to It. However, to reveal yourself to the wrong person risks misfortune.

It is up to you how the ritual will end. Will you discover what lies under the Spirit’s mask?

The Unmasked is a short, reflective single-player game.


Development Team :

Programmer -  Lci Iarocci

Artist - Rio Datko

Writer - Ash Turner

Sound Designer - Yurie Murayama


The Unmasked Mac.zip 56 MB
The Unmasked Windows.zip 50 MB

Install instructions

Download the appropriate file for you your operating system. Then open the application (see "Read me" file in game files for more information).


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I really enjoyed the graphics and atmosphere here, it feels very mystical and occult-y, and the masks are really cool. I played twice and couldn't figure out who the Spirit was. Does it change with each playhrough?